The new line of mainline filters ARIACOM AEF!

For over 20 years, the Italian company ARIACOM has been providing industry-leading solutions for compressed air treatment. The brand is known for its accessibility to a wide range of consumers and the perfect balance of price and quality.

In the new line of improved mainline FILTERS ARIACOM AEF, you will find solutions that meet the highest requirements for filtering compressed air.

Advantages of ARIACOM AEF filters:

- Maximum removal of contaminants;

- High reliability;

- Easy maintenance;

- Minimal pressure drop and significant energy savings in the long term;

- Long filter element service life;

- Automatic condensate drain.

The line includes filters of the following classes:

Features of the filters:

- The high-performance stainless steel filter mesh is highly durable and has a low risk of implosion;

- The new improved filter material ensures high filter efficiency, low pressure drop, and guaranteed performance throughout the service life;

- Easy maintenance and reliability thanks to insert elements.

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