The AR series is a new range of air dryers!

For over 20 years, the Italian company ARIACOM has been providing industry-leading solutions for compressed air treatment.

AR dryers are an economical solution for removing condensate and preventing corrosion in compressed air systems. The AR range dryers provide a flow rate of dried air up to 84 m3/min at a maximum working pressure of up to 16 bar and a dew point of +5°C and +3°C. They are designed with unique advanced technologies, consuming minimal electrical energy and capable of reliable operation for many years.

Advantages of ARIACOM AR dryers:

- Easy to install;

- Easily transportable;

- Equipped with an electronic controller displaying all necessary information about the status of the refrigerated dryer and dew point level (AR 1000 - AR 8400);

- Display special notification functions and maintenance time (AR 1000-AR 8400);

- Quick access to main components;

- High level of cost-effectiveness. Incoming compressed air is pre-cooled in an air-to-air heat exchanger, reducing energy consumption by up to 50%;

- Condensate drainage is automatic with an electronic condensate drain;

- AR dryers comply with ISO 14001 standard, using environmentally friendly refrigerants that do not deplete the ozone layer (R134A, R404A, and R410A).

Standard operating conditions: Maximum conditions:

- Operating pressure: 7 bar;

- Operating temperature: 35°C;

- Room temperature: 25°C;

- Dew point under pressure:

   +5°C (AR 0035 - AR 0770);

   +3°C (AR 1000 - AR 8400).

- Operating pressure:

   16 bar (AR 0035 - AR 0360);

   13 bar (AR 0410 - AR 8400);

- Operating temperature: 50°C;

- Min./Max. room temperature:

   +5°C / +45°C.
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