Introducing the new line of adsorption dryers from ARIACOM!

We are pleased to present the new line of adsorption dryers of the APD-P series generation from ARIACOM. High-quality air - free of moisture, solid particles, and oil!

ARIACOM APD-P063-APD-P667 dryers are hot regeneration adsorption dryers.

Capacity: 6,25 – 66,67 m³/min.
Pressure: up to 10 bar
Connection: G1 1/2" – DN200.
Other modifications available upon request..

Hot and cold regeneration adsorption dryers operate on the same principle. The difference lies solely in the method of regenerating the adsorbent after use.


Stable dew point => for consistent compressed air quality;
Convenient design => ease of maintenance;
Brand components => simple maintenance and high operational reliability;
Dew point control option => increased safety and energy savings;
Special customization possible, such as stainless steel construction or obtaining vessel certification according to specified requirements;
Suitable for safe use in critical conditions;
Alternative energy sources possible (e.g., superheated steam) => energy efficiency;
Vessel thermal insulation option available;
Compressed air losses 0%!!! - a strategic solution for long-term cost-effectiveness and energy efficiency!

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